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Fennel Seed Whole

Weight: 500 g

Price: P 301

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Fennel is the dried, ripe fruit of the perennial Foeniculum vulgare. The seeds are oval in shape, green or yellowish-brown in color and have a slight anise-like, licorise flavor. There are several variations in the Foeniculum vulgare family; the spice Fennel Seed comes from the sweet, or garden, fennel.

Serving Suggestions

Fennel Seeds are invaluable for the subtle and agreeable aniselike flavor they impart. The plant has a natural affinity with fish. Fennel Seed is used in pickling, fish, egg dishes, salad dressings, breads, stews, seafood salads, vegetables, cheese dishes, baked or stewed apples, marinades, saut?ed mushrooms, boiling shellfish, cakes, cookies, sausages, and oyster dishes.

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