Due to high demand, delivery may take up to 10 days for both inside and outside Metro Manila.

Bay Leaves Whole 80g

Price: P 339

Marjoram Leaves Ground 500g

Price: P 427

Marjoram Leaves Ground 340g

Price: P 409

Marjoram Leaves Whole 300g

Price: P 264

Oregano Leaves Ground 1kg

Price: P 1420

Oregano Leaves Ground 425g

Price: P 702

Oregano Leaves Whole 250g

Price: P 326

Oregano Leaves Whole 210g

Price: P 368

Parsley Flakes 150g

Price: P 274

Rosemary Leaves Ground 500g

Price: P 489

Rosemary Leaves Whole 500g

Price: P 421

Sage Leaves Rubbed 500g

Price: P 566

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