40g McCormick Garlic Granulated Powder
5g McCormick White Pepper Ground
1000g diced tomato
400g white beans
350g bell pepper
60ml Apple cider
50g Onion minced
30g Garlic minced
500ml Water
15g Iodized Salt
25g White Sugar



100g seasoned Burrata
1pc Egg
1pc Baguette sliced



1. Soak the white beans in water for 3 minutes until it softens.


2. In a pot, combine all components for the sauce except the white beans.


3.Let it simmer until the tomatoes are soft and sweet. We can now add the softened white beans.


4. Season well and pour in a bowl.


5. Add burrata and egg on top.


6. Place in an oven for 180 C for 4 minutes.


7. Before toasting bread, brush with garlic and butter.


8. Serve hot after toasting bread and Shakshuka.

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