10g McCormick Garlic Granulated Powder
5g McCormick Red Pepper Crushed
300ml Kikoman
10g Mirin
1pc Kombu stick
25g katsouboshi
15ml Yuzo
300g Water
60g White Sugar



6pc baby Eggplant
2g Nori powder


Tempura flakes:

10g McCormick Lemon Pepper Seasoning
60g Tempura flakes
60ml Water



1. In a pot, combine kikoman, mirin, kombu, katsouboshi, yuzu, garlic powder and water. Cook with really low fire to heat it up without making it salty.


2. When katsouboshi is fully dissolved, and kombu evident on the flavor, take the soy out of heat and let it cool.


3.Cut eggplant vertically without cutting the end part for it to hold together.


4. Then deep fry until the meat inside is soft.


5. In a bowl, mix tempura flour and water well. In the same oil where we cooked the eggplant, Fry the tempura flour. Gently and with a steady stream flow, pour batter to the oil. Take off oil immediately and set a side. Once the flakes are cooled down. Mix in Lemon and pepper seasoning.


6. When all the components are ready, let us plate.


7. Pour the soy into a bowl and mix in chili flakes. Add fried eggplant on top of soy and cover the eggplant with the Tempura flour. Garnish with Nori powder and serve immediately.

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