1000g short rib

Soup/Braising liquid

25g McCormick Cinnamon Ground
5pcs McCormick Bay Leaves Whole
30g McCormick Cloves Whole
25g McCormick Ginger Ground
20pcs McCormick Basil Leaves
10pcs McCormick Star Anise Whole
10g McCormick White Pepper Ground
380ml Premium Light Soy
180ml Dark Soy
250ml Pork Blood
5pcs Lemongrass, stalks
80g Shitake mushrooms cut in half
5g Iodized Salt
3000ml Water
40g White Sugar


240g Vermicelli Rice Noodles


20g Fresh Cilantro
60g Crushed Chicharon




2. Add beef and let it cook for about 5 hours with low heat.


3.Once beef is tender, take it and let it cool on the side.


4. Season the broth and add a few more components.


5. Add shitake and let it cook until soft.


6. On a separate pan, boil water for the noodles. Cook it for 5 minutes to soften the noodles up. After cooking, cool it down with ice cold water after cooking.


7. Once soup is ready, start plating.


8. Cut beef into cubes and put inside a bowl.


9. Add noodles to the bowl and then pour the soup.


10. Garnish with Cilantro and chicharon to finish.

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