Chicken kebat rub

4 pieces Chicken Fillet
10g Cardamom powder
2.5g McCormick Cumin Seed Ground
2.5g McCormick Smoked Paprika
2.5g McCormick Black Pepper Ground
1.5g McCormick Red Cayenne Pepper Ground
2.5g McCormick Turmeric Ground
2.5g McCormick Cinnamon Ground
4pcs Chicken Fillet
10g Cardamom 7.5g Salt
2.5g Sugar

Pickled cucumber

2g McCormick Star Anise Ground
1g McCormick White Pepper Ground
100g Cucumber
20ml Apple Cider
40ml Water
10g White Sugar
5g Iodized salt
1 small vacuum bag

Paprika Aioli

5g McCormick Smoked Paprika
30ml Soya Oil
1 Large egg


20g Rocket Lettuce


30g Mccormick BBQ Sauce


2pcs Brioche burger


1. Mix all Kebat spice rub well. Then evenly coat chicken fillet with the rub and chill. Marinate it for about 45 minutes.


2. Make the pickled cucumber while waiting, make the pickled cucumber. Peel the cucumber and shave a few by using the peeler it self. On a separate bowl, mix all dry and wet ingredients. Place in a vacuum bag the solution together with the cucumber shaving. Seal the bag and cook in the sous vide machine for 15 minutes with the temperature of 55 C.


3.Break and mix egg yolk using a whisk in a bowl to start making the paprika oil. Slowly add oil while whisking. Continue mixing until it turns into a mayonnaise. Add the paprika powder and set aside.


4.Start plating. Toast buns with butter until golden brown. Spread a teaspoon of paprika aioli. Deep fry the chicken fillet until golden brown and place it on top of the aioli. Add a tablespoon of barbeque sauce. For a sour agent, add the pickled cucumber. Dress the rocket with a bit of olive oil and place on top of the cucumber. Put the top layer of the toasted bun. .

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