15g McCormick Ginger Ground
20g McCormick Cloves Whole
20g McCormick Turmeric Ground
500g Arborio Rice
50g Onion
30g Garlic
100g Olive oil
15g Cardamom
1200ml Chicken Stock
100g Butter melted


Poached prawn:

10g McCormick Spanish Paprika
10g McCormick Lemon Pepper Seasoning 100g Butter melted
200g Skinless Riverprawn



1. Sauté rice with olive oil, red onion, and garlic. Add the cardamom, ginger powder, cloves, and turmeric once the rice is popping. Sauté the powders well with the rice.


2. Then slowly add the chicken stock until the rice is fully cooked. Make sure the consistency is still soupy.


3.Add turmeric once we get the risotto consistency.


4. Sous vide the prawn for 20 minutes with 45 C. Combine melted butter, riverprawn, paprika and lemon pepper.


5.Once everything is cooked, we can put the sous vide prawn at the bottom of the bowl then cober with rice. Serve hot.

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