Curry Sauce

15g McCormick Ginger Ground
10g McCormick Cinnamon Ground
25g McCormick Star Anise Whole
15g McCormick Curry Seasoning
20g McCormick Cumin Seed Ground
25g McCormick Turmeric Ground
60g Red Onion
40g Garlic
1000ml Water
300ml Coconut cream
30g White Sugar
10g Gram Masala



500g Pork ribs


Thai chili herbs:

50g Red Onions sliced
10g Cilantro, roughly chopped
10g Basil, roughly chopped
10g Mint, roughly chopped



1. First make the curry by sauting red onions and garlic with cinnamon powder, cumin powder, garam masala, turmeric powder, and ginger powder


2. Add coconut cream and water to dilute sauce.


3.Once sauce is simmering, add pork ribs and braise it with the sauce.


4. Braise the ribs until tender.


5. Then Grill it after to have that smokey flavor.


6.Garnish Ribs with red onions and chopped mix herbs.

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