In homes around the world, McCormick is the taste you trust.

When you eat out, chefs rely on our seasonings, condiments and coatings to create your favorite menu items. And as a supplier to leading food manufacturers, we add great taste to snacks, side dishes, beverages and other products. Every day you are likely to enjoy a product flavored by McCormick. With more that a hundred years in the business, we know flavor inside out.

McCormick & Company, Inc., the U.S. Baltimore-based world leader in Herbs & Spices was established in 1889, and today has 8,000 employees, over 40 manufacturing facilities in 21 countries, and over 100,000 products worldwide. McCormick’s humble beginnings can be traced to a one room and a cellar by 25-year-old Willoughby M. McCormick and his staff of two girls and a boy. Sold door-to-door, it’s first products were root beer, flavoring extracts, and fruit syrups and juices, sold under "Bee Brand" and “Silver Medal" trademarks; "Iron Glue" (Sticks Everything But the Buyer) and Uncle Sam's Nerve and Bone Liniment" (For Man Or Beast). Their motto was "Make the Best - Someone Will Buy It.“

Industrial and Food Service Business

McCormick has the broadest range of flavor solutions in the industry. Our industrial and food service business markets blended seasonings, spices and herbs, condiments, compound flavors and extracts and coating mixes to other food processors and to the away-from-home channel, both directly and through distributors and warehouse clubs. With our ability to create consumer-preferred products, customers turn to McCormick for new product ideas and as a preferred supplier of great flavor solutions.

As part of the largest producer of retail Herbs & Spices in the world, McCormick Philippines, Inc. has an intimate knowledge of food and flavor trends around the globe. And with its outstanding technical and operational expertise, it has grown by meeting the needs of consumers and customers alike in the Philippines and even in some parts of Asia, by exporting products to parts of Asia.